Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to Re: Online Blog!

Re: A Small Group Experience for Women is a different kind of Bible study.

It's purpose is to:

Regroup by creating a place to slow down, share our thoughts and renew our spirits.
Refresh by coming together to revive our bodies with food, our hearts with friendship, and our souls with The Word.
Reveal our true selves by relying on God's promises and recognizing who we are in Christ.
Respond by reaching out to each other and our community, in love and support.

Whether you are new to reading the Bible or have been doing Bible study for years, Re is for you!  All are welcome here!  Although I feel called to lead this Bible study, I am by no means an expert or have all the answers.  I am a lay person, exploring my faith, trusting in the Lord, and trying to make it throughthe day :)

My hope in starting this blog is to include those who cannot join us for the Live version of our group, which meets on Friday mornings at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Succasunna, NJ.  Of course, you are always welcome to join us on Friday morning, too!

I will post twice a week: on Tuesday and after our Live group on Friday or Saturday (depending on how the day goes!).  You are encouraged to comment and respond and ask questions, so that our online group becomes as interactive as our live group.

Blogging is a new adventure for me!   It seems that it is a natural, 21st century, extention of the small group that was formed last September.  I am excited to see how God will continue to bless His ministry!

"Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body"   ~Proverbs 16:24